13 Customer Appreciation Ideas to Show Your Customers Some Love

13 Customer Appreciation Ideas to Show Your Customers Some Love


Do you feel like you need to show your customers some love? Take note of some of these great ways to make your customers feel appreciated and valued.

  1. Send cards on unique holidays

I’m sure you have received a card or two from a company on your birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, or even 4th of July, but have you ever received a card on Groundhog Day or Summer Solstice?Pick a unique holiday to send your customers a card and you will stand out amongst the thousands that get sent on the big holidays.

  1. Teach your customers something new

Depending on your business you can host a learning session teaching them about your product. If you own a clothing store, show someone how to create seasonal wardrobes. If you own a coffee shop, teach customers some fun drinks to make. If you own an online business, host a webinar on a subject related to your business.

  1. Give your customers the VIP service

Go over the top and treat your customers like the rock stars they are. Welcome customers at the door, offer them beverages, and carry their bags to their car for them. Cater to their every need and they will feel the love.

  1. Start a loyalty program

Looking for a way to show your customers some love every day? Start a loyalty program that rewards frequent purchases, or gives annual discounts on the customer’s anniversary, or builds points to free gifts. Loyalty programs can be an easy way to grow profits and show your customers some love. Take a look at Thirdshelf’s Marketing Loyalty Software.

  1. Reward Social Media Followers

Offer rewards for checking in on Foursquare, or providing positive feedback on Twitter or Facebook, encourage patrons with rewards to take photos of themselves in your store or restaurant and post them to your page. You could also post exclusive social media promotions or discounts.

  1. Show you value Feedback

Make sure you follow up on feedback you have received from a customer. Let them know how you have implemented their suggestions either publicly on social media or privately in an email. Letting your customers know their opinions and feedback are valued will let them know how much they mean to you.

  1. Spotlight Customers

Feature customers on your website or social media pages. Tell the world how much your customers mean to you by showing love for each and every one of your customers. If you are B2B business, even better. You can show support for your customers by doing some free advertisement for their products or services on your website or social media pages.

  1. Discount their bill…just because you feel like it

Make someone’s day and discount or even comp an unsuspecting customer’s bill and let them know it’s your way of showing appreciation for their business.

  1. Send gift cards their way

It doesn’t have to be a large ticket price; a $5 Starbucks card is always a nice gift. If you have the resources to go bigger, go bigger. Send or give a customer a gift card for a nice dinner to a popular restaurant. Trust me the gesture will not be forgotten.

  1. Honor an achievement

There’s no better way to make someone feel valued and appreciated then to recognize their special events like major birthdays, a promotion, or a new addition to the family. Send a small gift; think flowers, fruit bouquet, cookies, or something unique to the special event. I remember when a company we were looking at using found out that I was about to have a baby, they sent a company branded onesie and pacifier. I’m looking at you Hubspot! It was unforgettable and made me feel like a valued customer.

  1. Make a donation in their honor

Make a donation to a local charity in honor of your most loyal customers. Send them an email letting them know you have made a contribution in their honor. This is a perfect way to emphasize shopping locally helps support the local community. Something we all can forget time to time.

  1. Host an afterhours sale

Invite some loyal customers to an exclusive afterhours sale. Lower the prices on their favorite products or services. Take the time to get to know your customers and learn a bit more about them. This is a good time to get some candid feedback as well.

  1. Write a good ole fashion thank you card

Sending a genuine, sincere, handwritten thank you card can go miles when it comes to your customers feeling appreciated. Just take the time to tell them how much their business means to you.


What are you waiting for? Show your customers some love by acting on one or more of these 13 great ideas today!


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