3 Online Campaigns that Drive In-Store Traffic

3 Online Campaigns that Drive In-Store Traffic


A common mistake businesses make on their social media is that they fail to put strong calls to action in online content or they limit online campaigns to nominal discounts. Unless a discount is drastic, consumers have been taught that it will come around again and there is little motivation to act. At SilverEdge we’ve put together three simple tips for online campaigns that will drive in-store traffic.

1) Limited time availability. Here in Colorado, early August is the time for Palisade Peaches. Just hearing this once, triggers a craving for the juicy goodness. Promoting items that you will only have in the store for a limited time is very motivating! Make the product a prominent feature on the homepage of your website, include it in your newsletter or devote a whole email campaign to the product and post plenty of photos on social media. Make sure the photos include happy customers enjoying the product and interacting in your store. Set up your point of sale system to trigger your employees to ask the simple question, “What brought you in today?” and see how that limited time offer is performing.


2) Special Events. Drawing a crowd by creating an experience that complements your business is a great way to engage your customers. Book signings, stylist days, and trunk shows offer your customers new ways to engage with your brand and gives you the opportunity to build relationships. These events can begin online by offering previews of products you’ll feature or advanced orders for new products.


3) Bonus gifts. People love to receive little perks with their purchases. Use your point of sale system to keep track of special dates for your customers such as birthdays and send them an offer to come in for a bonus service or a small gift during that month. Or, create a cross promotion with a partner business in which you both give away a bonus gift from the other’s business in order to build new clientele.


The team at SilverEdge can show you how to use your point of sale system to create and track offers of all kinds. We are here to help your business grow richer. Schedule an appointment today or call your current customer service representative to get started.


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