5 Steps to Shorten Your Workday- Increasing Efficiency to Decrease Your Work Week

5 Steps to Shorten Your Workday- Increasing Efficiency to Decrease Your Work Week




Your time is valuable. To get the most out of every week (and some time off) follow these five steps to shortening your workday.

Being a business owner requires putting in long hours, often overseeing many divisions of a company, participating in the most trivial to the most important decisions, and picking up the pieces when an employee is sick or unable to finish a task. This means that for many business owners, the work week far exceeds the stereotypical 40 hours. However, there are only so many hours in a week, but with the right business tools and processes, you can get your work done smarter and faster. Consider the following 5 steps to shorten your work day, increase your (and your business’s efficiency), and decrease your work week.

1. Start the day off right.

With a fast-moving business and a host of responsibilities, it’s easy for the workday of a business owner to quickly spiral out of control. One of the best ways to shorten your work day is to start every day off with a process that ensures necessary business tasks get done first, so that you’re not stuck fitting in imperative duties after quitting time. These tasks will vary from business owner to business owner; when outlining your tasks and creating your process, simply note responsibilities that come up daily and that can’t be left undone. Then allocate time to complete them right as your day gets started, instead of letting more flexible tasks slip in. For some business owners, this might mean taking care of the most important duties out of the office and away from distractions. To make sure that you can get your “must do” list done quickly and efficiently, consider alternative work locations. This way, as your day unfolds, no matter what distractions and fire drills come up, your “must do” list will always be already taken care of, sometimes before you even come into the office.  

2. Ensure that you can report from anywhere.

The inherent nature of owning a business means that problems and tasks crop up at random hours and that sometimes you have to take your work home with you. Whether you’re in the office, running an errand, or at home on the couch, utilize your POS to report from anywhere, so that you can check in on or wrap up those small details whenever you need to. With easy-to-use Point of Sales (POS) features that allow you to accurately pull sales data, you can report on daily, weekly, monthly, or custom sales periods, distinguish important tax information, and make sure that your finances are looking the way they should be.  Luckily, with the right POS system, you can take care of many tasks from anywhere.

3. Stay on top of inventory management.

While some business owners count inventory monthly, others count inventory weekly or even daily. This can be an onerous task, and, if you get behind, can mean hours of back paperwork and tracking to understand where inventory went, what’s in stock, what needs to be restocked, and what inventory is especially popular. To decrease your work hours, stay on top of inventory management with an inventory management tool in your POS.

An inventory management tool, integrated into your POS, can provide a daily look into your inventory details. A strong inventory management tool can provide an overview of what’s in your inventory and what needs to be restocked, and can also help you easily reorder items by variety or in bulk. Once your inventory arrives at your store, an integrated inventory management system can help you easily load your inventory into your system, identify and serialize your inventory, and process work orders efficiently.

Inventory management doesn’t have to be hard, nor does it have to be time consuming. With the right POS you can manage your inventory anytime anywhere, and shave valuable hours off of your work week.

4. Automate and Outsource

As a business owner, any task can fall to you, but they don’t have to. To save your valuable time and energy, considering outsourcing and automating. If you have a task that you think is particularly suited to a certain responsibility, consider outsourcing that task to them. Not only will you save time by delegating, but your employee will also grow their skill set and have a new addition to their resume for future positions.

Automating can come in many formats, many of which your POS can help you do. If you know you’re going to need certain reports on certain days, simply automate and schedule them within your POS. You can have them sent directly to your inbox or find them on your POS dashboard. Inventory ordering can also be automated: if you consistently order the same inventory in the same amounts, simply automate the process within your inventory management. The best POS will allow you to schedule and pay for orders in advance, making sure that your inventory is there when you need it and that you don’t have to address inventory all the time.

5. Go Green

Sifting through files and paperwork can add unnecessary hours onto every week. By creating a “green” system for your business, you can easily organize all of your important documents in your POS, where they will be available at the click of a button. While going green may take you some time up front, you will save countless hours later. With the use of a quality POS, you may also be able to access your documents from anywhere, so that you can always get the job done, no matter where you are.

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