6 Things You Can do Right Now to Prepare for the Holidays

6 Things You Can do Right Now to Prepare for the Holidays

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The holiday season is approaching and the busiest months for many retailers are November and December. Taking steps now to be prepared for the season will help make this your most successful year yet and alleviate some stress for you and your staff.

  1. Interview, hire and train extra help for the holidays. Waiting until the busy time hits to do this is a big mistake. The investment in training is worth it as it helps ensure you won’t lose new employees due to frustration and overwhelm. Schedule staff hours well in advance (preferably for the whole season) so that everyone can make his or her plans around their work schedule instead of the other way around. Don’t forget your employees have other holiday obligations too, so they’ll appreciate some predictability.
  2. Create a marketing calendar that lays things out week-by-week through the end of the year. Split it into topic, promotion and actions you’ll take to activate each campaign then assign yourself or staff members to each item to make sure things are completed.
  3. Create a social media calendar that notes important days like when you have sales or new products in store. Write and schedule social media posts around that content. Take plenty of photos of products and people using those products in your store then save them to a library for use over the next two months. Finally, assign one employee to monitor social media and respond to comments so that it is done so in a timely manner.
  4. Give your employees the information they need to help you succeed. Train them to collect information from new customers so that you can stay in touch year round. Place easy up-sell items like jewelery or scarves close to the register so that it’s easy for them to make suggestions and to up-sell on each purchase.
  5. Update your website and make sure everything is running smoothly. Test your checkout process, update security tools and make sure customer service contact info is easy to find. Display one or two in-store only items on the home page to entice customers to visit your storefront. Most importantly, make it attractive and user-friendly!
  6. Review your POS to see if there are tools and apps you could be using to stay organized and run things more efficiently. Inventory, social media and loyalty programs can all be run through a robust point of sale system. This will save you an enormous amount of time and provide you with real-time sales numbers that you can use daily to adjust your marketing and sales strategies.

SilverEdge can help you have a prosperous holiday season by making sure your point of sale system is helping you meet your goals. We are here to help your business grow richer. Schedule an appointment today or call your current customer service representative to get started.


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