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A New Payment Technology Both You and Your Customers Will Love

An Apple Pay® POS system will tighten credit card security, speed up the transaction time, and enhance your customer service. By accepting Apple Pay® you are not only offering your customers a new way to pay, you are improving their overall experience with your business. SilverEdge not only offers multiple Point of Sales that accept Apple Pay®, we have unbeatable customer service that will train you on the new payment method so you don’t have any issues or lag time with an Apple Pay® POS.

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Apple Pay Security

Increase Security

iPhone 6®, iPhone 6 Plus®, and Apple Watches® all have a dedicated chip that encrypts personal credit card information. Customers simply take a picture of their payment card and the phone will encrypt the information so that the credit card number will never be stored on their Apple device or your POS iPad® payment equipment.

Customers will feel confident shopping at your store because they know that their Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit card information will never be compromised by a breach.


Speed Up Sales

To make a payment, customers simply hold their iPhone or Apple Watch close to your payment equipment with their thumb over the the Touch ID button on their screen and the payment is made. No more time wasting signatures that don’t provide adequate security.

Apple Pay with Touch ID
Enhance Customer Experience

Enhance Customer Experience

Without all the wasted time of swiping (or inserting with EMV chip cards) you can focus on your customers. You can really connect with your customers and fulfill their needs while they are purchasing their product or service, so they will leave feeling positive about your business thanks to Apple Pay® POS and they will return again and again.