Brand Experience: Where Online Meets Instore – Adapting a brand for your online storefront.

Brand Experience: Where Online Meets Instore – Adapting a brand for your online storefront.


Bringing the Instore Brand Online: What Does it Mean?

As the need for online store fronts continue to grow, retailers are tasked with a new set of challenges. Amongst many other concerns, popular questions include how do you attract consumers to an online store, how do you create a positive online experience, and how do you create a seamless sales process. In the case of these questions, when it comes right down to it the answer is the same: bring your instore brand online.

Attracting Consumers to an Online Storefront

Bringing your instore brand online and fostering sales isn’t as easy as simply creating an online store. Unfortunately, you can’t simply offer the same goods online as you do in store and you can’t count on all of your instore consumers to convert over to your online storefront. In fact, many shoppers fluctuate between online and instore shopping, which means that you, as a business owner, have to market to both. How is this done?

First and foremost, your online storefront should mirror the brand of your physical store. This simple concept creates engagement with previous consumers, allowing them to easily recognize you from past experiences. Simple details like using a singular brand typeface, colors, and logos will help consumers recognize your website, social media, ads, and more.

Secondly, if you aren’t practicing content marketing, you should be. The online marketplace is a competitive space. With the boom of content marketing 5 years ago, more and more retailers are relying on the method to bolster their online presence, and, to get ahead, you have to as well. How do you use content marketing for an online storefront?

It’s easy. Some POS systems track consumer purchases, allowing you to email them in the future, where you can offer consumers recommendations based off of past purchases, provide personalized shopping lists, highlight promotions and more. Other POS systems provide a variety of Apps, including content marketing solutions, which can be easily integrated with your sales process.

The payoff to branding your website and establishing a content marketing system is higher-engagement with consumers. The branded personalization of your store paired with your content marketing personalization creates an authentic relationship with consumers, helping you attract them to your store (online or instore) again and again.

Establishing a Positive Online Consumer Experience

A consumer’s memory is long, which means that you need to create a positive experience for them. It’s simple to think that providing your goods online is enough, however, the design of your online store is part of what attracts consumers and keeps them coming back. When considering online store design, it’s important to remember that the concept is two-fold:

Brand design, which we briefly touched on above, is part of what attracts consumers to your store. They recognize your style, logo, brand colors, and typeface, which all relates to their overall memory of your store. To create a positive online experience, it’s important that the brand continues throughout your entire storefront. For the entirety of the sale process, from the home page, product pages, and all the way to the sale confirmation page, it’s necessary to reassure and market to consumers with brand consistency. This brand consistency will provide the confidence that your online store is just as established and dependable as your physical store.

Creating a Seamless Sales Process is also an important part of the positive online consumer experience, which thereby brings your brand to your online store. As consumers move through the sale process, it’s not only important that consumers recognize and are familiar with your brand, they must also be able to easily and quickly navigate your site. This means that the layout of your site must be intuitive and items must be easily searchable. Through the use of a POS system you can streamline your store’s checkout process, creating purchasing ease for consumers and easy online store management for yourself.

Pairing brand design and a seamless sales process will help your consumerss quickly and easily move through the sales process, which will not only make them want to shop with you again, but will also make them more likely to recommend your business to others.

Ensuring Clear Communication between Instore and Online Processes

When adding an online store to your physical store, it’s imperative that there is clear communication between the two. In many cases, online stores and physical stores do not use the same POS system, creating frustration for both consumers and employees. Not only should your POS be the same for both storefronts, but it should also allow real-time access to a consumer’s profile, enterprise-wide inventory, and access to sale information and discounts.

Without these important features, consumers will experience a disconnect in their sales process, creating frustration. In addition all of the established brand loyalty created from branded content marketing and establishing a positive online experience will be lost. Through the use of a singular POS, consumers can experience a truly branded, seamless experience whether they’re online or instore.

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