Customer Retention: 5 Strategies for Restaurants

Customer Retention: 5 Strategies for Restaurants

Customer Retention

These days keeping your customers coming back includes more than your menu. It takes a customer retention strategy that builds an emotional attachment to your customers. But how do you do that? It’s not as difficult as it seems.


Prioritize Customer Service

There is no better way to retain customers than through good customer service. No matter how good your menu is or how nice your restaurant’s ambiance is, if your customer has a bad experience they won’t be back. And they won’t be recommending your restaurant either. When you’re creating your customer retention strategy place a heavy focus on customer service. To prioritize customer service, train your employees on how to handle conflict and engage with the customer. No matter how good your restaurant is, you will still encounter unhappy customers. But that’s ok. What’s more important is how the unhappy customer is dealt with. Empower your employees to solve customer problems through training and tools.

Support Local Businesses

Many of your customers are also business owners, and there’s no better way to engage with them than to support their local businesses as well and it’s easy to do. Simply purchase your inventory locally, and hire contractors (like musicians, photographers, and vendors) from within the community. When your customers see that you’re investing in the community, they will recognize that you’re investing in them as well and will return the favor.

Focus on Company Culture

Your employees are the face of your restaurant and they can make or break a customer’s experience. Focus on your company culture to ensure that your employees are happy in general and are happy when they engage with your customers. Create a positive company culture by offering intriguing job descriptions, generous benefits packages, and paid time off. If these options aren’t possible for you, that’s ok. There are many other ways to create a positive company culture.

Be True To Your Brand

Customers have certain expectations when they come to your restaurant. They’re used to a certain look and feel, a menu theme, and more. While it’s good to create some change to avoid stagnation, make sure that you always stay true to your brand. After all, that’s one of the reasons customers keep coming back. When you’re updating your interior design or the menu for the season, complement your current brand instead of diverting from it.

Promote Your Customer’s Special Events

Making your customers feel special will keep them coming back. Consider offering promotions for special events in their life, such as birthdays and anniversaries. To track special events use your Point of Sale (POS) system. Your POS system keeps a record of all of your customers and includes fields for special events. Simply have your employees update their customer record once you’ve collected their information through a special campaign or customer feedback cards. Then send out special promotions for their event via email.

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