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Mobile Payment
Clover Mobile

Clover Mobile For Your Business


  • Ability to accept multiple credit and debit payment types
  • Swipe (MSR)
  • EMV (chip + PIN; chip + signature)
  • Contactless (including Apple Pay®)
  • PIN Debit
  • Barcode scanner
  • Front-facing camera
  • 2 connectivity options: wireless only or wireless + 3G
  • 7″ display screen
  • Lasts all day on a single charge

Multiple Uses

A pet store has a Clover Mobile POS Station at the front counter. But during the local summer street fair they want something they can bring out to the sidewalk. And for the holiday peak period, they use a Clover Mobile POS as additional checkout capacity to cut down on lines and enable their customers to purchase the merchandise right where it’s displayed.

The rest of the time, their Clover Mobile helps them scan inventory, and the data is instantly downloaded to their Clover system.

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Maximize on Your Efficiency

A restaurant has a mobile Clover station in the back where most of the orders get entered. But in their second floor dining section, the server carries a Clover Mobile so that he can get his orders in quickly and accurately and take payments without running up and down the stairs.

And the manager up front has her own Clover Mobile so she can see what’s going on across the restaurant, and take add-on beverage orders for customers as she walks through the dining room.