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Enhance your business with PAYware Mobile

The PAYware Moble e100 audio reader enables merchants to easily accept credit and signature-based debit card transactions and email receipts with a simple plug into the audio jack of a smart device. Merchants never have to miss a sale with this portable payment acceptance solution. Compatible with popular iOS and Android operating systems, providing device flexibility and works in conjunction with PAYware Connect, Verifone’s hosted gateway service.

Customer data is secure with a fully encrypted card reader, thus reducing liability risks. Real-time reporting, extensive transaction detail and search capabilities via the gateway portal enable merchants to efficiently manage their business.

Benefits of the PAYware Mobile

Key Benefits

Safe and Secure – Designed to meet PA-DSS requirements for application security and provides administrative account access control.

Maximize Performance – Analyze sales trends, identify transaction location and resolve disputes with the PAYware Mobile e100’s transaction geo-tagging feature.

Boost Efficiency, Lower Costs – Reduces the need for printed receipts and eliminates manual entry errors, thus saving time and money.