Gift Ideas for the Overworked Small Business Owner

Gift Ideas for the Overworked Small Business Owner


Buying gifts can be difficult, especially because you want to make sure the gift is valuable to the recipient. To take the stress out of buying for your favorite small business owner, consider the following ideas.

1. Coffee or Tea

Your favorite small business owner is often on the go and works long and hard hours. Why not spoil them with their favorite caffeinated beverage? The cost of coffee and tea can add up for regular drinkers, so a gift card to their favorite shop or a special package to brew at home is appreciated. If you want to dress up the gift, consider pairing it with a new mug or a book.

2. Business Cards

Business cards are something that every small business owner needs, but probably doesn’t relish buying. Even more so, some owners don’t want to take the time to design and order cards. Consider either replenishing their current supply, or upgrading their design to a style you know that they’ll like.

3. Funny Calendars

Every small business owner needs to keep track of days and appointments. But that doesn’t mean that their calendar needs to be boring. Look into calendars will make them smile while keeping them on track. Consider cartoon calendars, word of the day calendars, or even the new and coveted bullet planner.

4. Books

If your favorite small business owner is a reader, you can’t go wrong with a book. Think about your friend- are they busy and in need of a break from reality? Look into the most recent best seller and pick it up for them. Has your friend recently been complaining about a certain business issue? Browse the how to section. Remember, books don’t have to come in paper form. You can also buy e-books as a gift and have them delivered by email, or you can supply a gift card to a poplar book store.

5. A Comfortable Chair

Nothing can ruin a work day (and your body) faster than a bad chair. Consider getting your friend a new chair. There are a variety of ergonomic options out there that they can adjust to support their body throughout the day. You can always think outside of the box too. Does your friend care about posture? Consider purchasing them an exercise ball to roll up to their desk as a seat.

6. A Standing Desk

Some small business owners might want to forgo the desk chair entirely! Look into options for standing desks. There are a variety of standing desk options that range from cheap to expensive, but there is definitely an option that will suit both your budget and your friend. Whether you opt for a standing desk converter, or an electric standing desk, the recipient will be thrilled. 

7. Massage Gift Cards

Small business owners are constantly on the go, and, as a result, their body sometimes needs a break. Consider purchasing a massage or spa day gift card for them to unwind. They will leave their appointment feeling refreshed and ready to hit the ground running again.

8. Hourly House Cleaning

Many small business owners focus so much on their business that they have trouble keeping up with other tasks. A gift that will lower their stress level and day-to-day tasks is an hourly house cleaning. Simply purchase a gift card for hourly house cleaning and your friend can schedule the house cleaning and come home to a sparkling clean house. Other ideas include car wash gift certificates and professional office cleaning gift certificates. 

9. Meal Subscription

When you’re as busy as small business owners are, it can be hard to budget time for preparing meals. Offer your small business owner some free time and tasty meals with a meal subscription plan. There are variety of meal plans out there, based on types and diets of food. You can either purchase the plan and schedule a delivery date, or purchase a gift card and allow them to use the meal subscription when they need it most.

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