Grow Your Business with Apps From the Clover App Market

Grow Your Business with Apps From the Clover App Market

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Grow your Clover point of sale capabilities by adding apps to your system. There are hundreds of apps to choose from, but here are some SilverEdge recommends to our clients to increase their efficiency and profits.


Time Clock by Homebase 

Time Clock is a free app that manages employee schedules, breaks, overtime, timesheets and more. Time Clock tools include, clock in, clock out & track breaks, ability to track both cash and credit card tips.  You can send schedules to your employees by email or text message, manage time off requests & shift trades.



With the Discounts app you can set up discounts either by dollar amount or percentage.  This allows you to apply a discount to single items or the entire order.  You can set up discounts for military/first responders, VIP discounts and employee/meal discounts.


Insights Unlocked

With Insights Unlocked you will be able to gain insight into your sales & customers through Sales & Customer Analytics.  The Sales Analytics will show your sales, average ticket size per guest along with peak hours in your business.  Customer Analytics reflects new and returning customers along with identifying regular customers who may have stopped visiting.  There are companion apps to this one that can assist with Marketing. 


Stock by Seven Spaces

The Stock app allows you to track your inventory.  You can create and edit purchase orders, reconcile stock count for breakage, loss, etc.  There are various reports that you can access to breakdown profitability by product, category & vendor. Reorder threshold can also be set within the Stock app.


Cash Track by Seven Spaces

Cash Track allows you to track cash in and out by employees or register.  It also allows you to record tips and other adjustments.


Gift Cards by Clover

The Gift Cards app allows you to sell digital or plastic gift cards, issue store credit straight from you Clover system. If you like having plastic gift cards for your customers you can order straight from the app, you chose from standard designs or custom design the cards.


Digital Loyalty (Lite Version) by Loyalzoo

Digital Loyalty is a complete digital loyalty solution for your customers, it is the only app that is accessible through the register app.  For every dollar spent your customer receives one point. If you are using other loyalty programs, most of them can be migrated over to Digital Loyalty.  


Commerce Sync for Quickbooks

If you use Quickbooks the Commerce Sync app automates your accounting by transferring your daily sales into Quickbooks.  It can give you reporting for multiple locations, sales categories, payment methods and more.  They can also transfer tips, discounts refunds & more.


Some of these apps may have a monthly cost associated with them, but generally come with a 30 day free trail.  For more detailed information about these apps or others for your Clover system please contact the SilverEdge Tech Support Team at 855.462.3343 option 1, option 2.  


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