How to Create a Fun Yet Productive Work Environment

How to Create a Fun Yet Productive Work Environment


While there are many strategies out there, one of the best ways to motivate employees is through a fun and positive work environment. Employees that enjoy their workplace are more likely to stay with your business longer and are more likely to stay productive. Follow these tips to create the ideal working environment for your employees.

Encourage Friendships

While encouraging friendships and socializing at work may seem counterproductive, it is actually proven to increase productivity. Why? There are actually a lot of reasons.

  • Increase in teamwork – encouraging friendships increases teamwork. That means that when employees are feeling stuck on a project, need some help, or need some advice they have someone to turn to. Friendly coworkers are more likely to lend a hand, and the individual reaching out will spend less time spinning their wheels.
  • Increase in communication – Friendships allow employees to brainstorm and work through problems. These problems can be project based or political. But either way, friendships will allow employees to work through and solve their problems faster, which will increase their happiness, get worries off their chest, and improve their productivity all at once.


Celebrate Small Wins

As a manager or business owner it’s easy to get caught up in the big picture. But while you’re considering high-level goals, your employees are chipping away at the smaller tasks that are the building blocks of your business. To keep your employees happy, and increase their engagement and productivity, celebrate your business’ small wins and the employees that made them happen. Celebrating their small wins will make your employees feel appreciated and part of the bigger picture, increasing their productivity.


Increase Feedback

Employees that feel like their voice is heard are far happier in the work place and their happiness can translate directly to productivity. You can consider implementing constructive feedback in many ways. Consider the following feedback options:

  • Suggestion box
  • Employee reviews
  • Manager reviews
  • Weekly retrospective


Set Clear Goals

For your employees to feel that they are making an impact and finding success it’s important that their goals are clearly outlined. Make sure to sit down with your employees and outline what their goals are and that they understand them at least once a quarter. Once you’ve outlined their goals, make sure to measure them. This will help you understand how your employees are thriving and will help your employee stay on track. You can measure their goals and your business’ goals within your Point of Sale (POS) system. Simply set up reports around their goals and share them with your employees on a regular basis.

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