Is Your POS System Ready for the Holiday Season?

Is Your POS System Ready for the Holiday Season?


The holiday season is stressful for both business owners and shoppers alike. While you can’t take the stress completely away from either party, you can prepare your Point of Sale system (POS) to lessen the sting. Take these simple steps to prepare yourself for the biggest sales of the year.

Streamline Your Check-Out Process

One of the biggest stressors for staff and managers alike is a long checkout line and a complicated checkout process. However, the checkout process can be easily streamlined, benefiting the customers who are holiday shopping and your store. There are several ways to streamline your checkout process.

First and foremost, consider deploying one POS as a cash only station. This will allow customers who can hand over exact change to move quickly through line.

Another option is to arm associates with tablets or mobile devices to checkout customers from other locations throughout the store. This will allow customers to bypass the lines completely by paying for their purchase right in the store aisles.

Finally, remember to set up all sales in your POS System. By setting up everything well in advance, you reduce the risk of price checks and other issues during the holiday season.


Run a Sales Report

Do you know exactly how your business is doing? Do you know what your daily sales patterns are? Do you know your top inventory and sales people? Running a sales report will help you identify what your top sellers are and what your customers will be clamoring for and when during the Christmas sales. It’s popular for business owners to run a sales report at the end of every day, but it’s also a good idea to run the sales report intermittently to learn greater details:

  • Run hourly reports: this will help you understand how your sales peak throughout the day. This will help you understand when you can expect rushes and to strategize how to boost sales during your daily lulls.
  • Monthly reports: this will help you understand your most popular days of the week. Similarly to running hourly reports, you can expect rushes and to strategize how to boost sales during your slow sales days.
  • Last Year’s Report: Running a report on last year’s holiday season may help you project how things will go this year and how you need to prepare in advance.


Centralize Your Inventory

Your inventory is going to be coming and going fast during events like the Black Friday Sales and Cyber Monday. To ensure that you don’t overstock or run out of inventory, make sure to centralize your inventory in your POS Machine. When you manually track inventory or use multiple systems, you put yourself at risk for missed sales opportunities. To save your sanity and your sales, unify your inventory in a single system. Look for a POS system that can be omnichannel, can accept all forms of payment, has comprehensive reporting and analytics, and, of course, allows you manage your inventory.


Set Up Your Seasonal Staff in Your POS

To be prepared for the holiday season your staff needs to be completely prepared as well, and that includes seasonal staff. To ensure they’re prepared you need to do two things:

  • Set up your staff in your POS: The first day your staff shows up, they need to be fully in the system and able to clock in and out. Ensure they have adequate permissions as well!
  • Train your staff on your POS: Training staff extends to both seasonal staff and long-term hires. The seasonal staff will need to be trained top to bottom on your POS system, so that they can solve problems and check customers out on their own. Long-term hires need to be trained on any sales added to the POS.


Send Out Holiday Marketing

The success of your holiday says season relies partially upon your holiday marketing. Use your POS system to launch your digital campaigns. This will ensure your customers know what your biggest sales are and what you have that they want to purchase.

Does your POS offer your business the support you need? Are you ready to simplify your business with the use of a new POS? SilverEdge can help.  If you are ready to talk with a SilverEdge representative about the right choice for your business, contact 970-800-2890 or email today.


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