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POS Buyer’s Guide: 
10 questions to ask before buying a new point of sale

A good POS system is much more than just processing transactions. But what features are important to your business? Our POS Buyer’s Guide has the top ten questions you should ask before choosing a new point of sale system.

Managing Your Retail Store: 
The 12 Key Performance Indicators You Need to Know

​Look at these 12 metrics to determine the health of your retail business.  Retail is a blend of art and science. Sometimes you need to go on instinct, sometimes you need to look at the numbers.

Switch Over to Lightspeed in 6 Easy Steps

​Moving to a new eCommerce platform can be quite daunting since it requires some planning and preparation, but with this free whitepaper you can make the switch in 6 easy steps.

8 Tips for an Optimized POS Inventory Setup

​Inventory can be a real headache for most business owners. With these 8 tips learn how you can optimize your POS inventory setup to:

​- Improve customer service
​- Increase sales and profit margins
​- Free up some valuable time to run other aspects   of your business

Grow Your Independent Retail Business with Lightspeed Retail

​In a recent survey Lightspeed’s customers grew their business by 20% after their first year with their new POS.  Download this whitepaper to discover how they did it and how you can too.

9 Reasons Why a Mobile POS is Better for Your Restaurant

People are excited for mobile technology in restaurants. It looks cool, it’s more efficient, and in some cases, it leads to a higher check. Download this whitepaper to see how a mobile point-of-sale can optimize your restaurant.

Clover ® POS Applications

​In order to operate your business more easily and efficiently, your point of sale (POS) should do more than process transactions.  Clover is one type of POS that offers a variety of different options for your business through apps.

Square VS. Clover ®

​Which one is best for your business? Square or Clover?  Download this free whitepaper to analyze which POS system will make your business richer.

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