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SilverEdge restaurant expertise and support combined with the power of Lightspeed Restaurant software.

Lightspeed Restaurant POS software is used across the world to allow restaurant owners to stop worrying about their business systems and instead focus on running their restaurant. SilverEdge and Lightspeed have partnered to provide restaurateurs with the best software, hardware, service and payment processing in one complete package.

The SilverEdge Restaurant Preferred Bundle: A Complete bundle of hardware, software, and support.

The SilverEdge Restaurant Preferred Lightspeed Bundle is the easiest way to start your restaurant or upgrade to a new system.

With SilverEdge you can pay how you need: including month–to–month financing, outright purchase, or the right combination to fit your budget.

Lightspeed Restaurant POS system

What’s included?

Lightspeed POS software

Complete hardware bundle

Onboarding and implementation with menu building

24/7 dedicated support

Integrated payment processing

Customize the right bundle for your business, hardware options include:

iPad or iMac

iPad stand or iMac accessories

Cash drawer

Receipt printers

Kitchen printers

EMV enabled payment terminal

Lightspeed Restaurant Key Features:

Servers can take orders anywhere, at the table, bar or pos station

Lightspeed Restaurant pos ipad flexibility

Easily upload and customize your menu in the system, or let SilverEdge handle that for you. 

Lightspeed Restaurant Menu Builder

Split checks, bills per person, last minute changes to how you need to split the tab, tip splitting, it is all possible in Lightspeed Restaurant POS.

Lightspeed bill management screen

Build and update your floorplans directly in the software.

Lightspeed Dynamic Floor plans

Ensure you always have the right ingredient at the right time with advanced stock management features. Take it a step farther and use reports to determine your profits per dish based on ingredient ordering levels.

Lightspeed Stock Settings

With intuitive, icon-based software training new employees is easy and quick – allowing everyone to get back to business. Tailor the screens and displays to focus on what your employees need to see, not extra buttons.

Lightspeed easy to learn pos software

With SilverEdge your payments will all be handled directly in the system for easy reporting and tracking. Pay at the table options allow you to take payment tableside to improve customer confidence.

Lightspeed integrated payment technology

Never worry about losing internet connectivity – your restaurant point of sale system will continue to work and accept payments in offline mode.

Lightspeed restaurant point of sale systems

Get the world’s most powerful POS system.  Start your free 14-day trial today.

Only work with the best.

SilverEdge was named the 2017 Lightspeed Partner of the Year.

2017 Lightspeed Partner of the Year Award
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