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Mike and Renee, Liquor Store Owners
“We not only need a payment, platform we need tools for inventory control, age verification and faster transactions.”
Clover POS

Say Hello to Clover® Point of Sale

The Clover® liquor store POS system provides your liquor store with everything you need to grow your business. Faster transactions capabilities (including Apple Pay®), inventory control, and age verification are all possible with this all in one solution.

Apps from the Clover App Market allow you to customize the Clover liquor store POS interface to have all the tools you need to run your business available to you in the touch of your finger.

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Labeling Has Never Been Easier

The Easy Labels app enables you to print each product’s UPC, barcode, price, unit, and name on labels to help you manage your Clover inventory and make customer checkout fast and efficient at your liquor store.

The Easy Label app:

  • Can generate UPC code for your own product.
  • Allows you to print labels for order items from the register.
  • Integrates with the Brother QL-710W label printer. Choose from 6 different label sizes
Easy Labels
Mobile POS

Enable Your Customers to Pay with Apple Pay

Provide faster transaction times, enhanced security, and better customer service by enabling your customers to pay with Apple Pay.

Clover is built to accept Apple Pay so no need for any upgrades. Customers can simply hold their iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, or Apple Watch to your Clover POS and tap the Touch ID button on their phone and the payment is made. No more signatures, and no more storing credit card information on your POS.

Clover is also fully EMV compliant so you can accept all chipped cards and you don’t have to worry about credit card security breaches.