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Chad, Vape Shop Owner
“As a small business owner, my time is limited. I need an efficient POS with a built in, intuitive inventory management system that works for my business.”
Clover POS

Increase Your Sales with Clover® POS

Clover® is the vape store point of sale system for your business. Clover is modern, intuitive and built for customization. You can accept all forms of payment (including Apple Pay®) and have access to hundreds of apps that were made to make small businesses run more efficiently.

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Inventory Made Simple

There are hundreds of apps available to you on Clover but two are among the favorites of Vape shop owners, Stock and Ping Me If.

Stock and Ping Me If provide you with the necessary tools to track and monitor your complex inventory. Vape Shop owners love how these apps provide them with the ability to create and sell products in kits/bundles with multiple SKUs, and that it will alert them when a product quantity falls below a certain level.

POS Apps

Get a Clover Station with $0 Upfront

We know when running a small business vape shop, your cash flow can be tight from month to month. That’s why when you sign up with SilverEdge you can get a Clover vape shop POS for $0 upfront and a low monthly fee.