POS Inventory Management


Inventory Management Designed for your Business

The success of your retail store depends on how well you track and manage your inventory.

The right inventory management software can allow you to streamline your inventory processes and ensure you always have the right product at the right time for your customers. Our Point of Sale software options provide best-in-class inventory management with advanced product attribute matrices, work orders, item tags, and automatic inventory reporting. Inventory management software will save you and your staff hours of counting inventory each week.

Simplified Product Setup

Inventory can quickly grow complex with variations such s color, size, and material. Using inventory management software you can create multiple product variations to track your inventory in one easy setup. Save time by adding all of your items at once via a bulk import system. Use item tags to categorize items by common traits such as season or display location to easily update and locate similar items at once.

Pre-loaded Inventory Catalogues

Inventory management software has over 3,000 pre loaded catalogues to make ordering a breeze. Automatically order from your favorite vendors within the point of sale software. Offer more choices to your customers and find new products from our network of vendors.

Serialized Items

Easily create one item requiring a unique serial number for easy tracking. For example, a bike can be created and given its own serial number instead of having to track each individual component. The inventory software will then help your employees track which components need to be ordered as well as the final product.

Assembled and boxed items

Increase the value of each sale by bundling multiple products together. Make a gift set of a necklace, bracelet and earrings and list the item as one SKU in your inventory system for easy tracking. The cost is automatically calculated based on the inventory pieces selected or you can set a custom price for the bundled package. Items that come as a case can also be broken down to sell as individual units – for example break down a case of beer into individual bottles. This flexibility allows you to customize your inventory to meet your customer’s demands and ultimately sell more.

Multi-store functionality

Manage your inventory across multiple locations easily within expandable inventory management software. Get visibility into which items are in stock at which location, transfer items from one location to the other to meet demand and save time by allowing the system to automatically update each location.

Return to Vendor

Effortlessly return products to vendors if they are damaged, defective, or due to a change in your inventory needs. With linked vendor ordering you can return the item and the vendor can automatically remove it from your inventory. Meaning less time needed from you and your staff.

Inventory Management Software Features

Handle purchase orders directly through your point of sale system or prepare to fax or email right from your software.

Retail POS Inventory Management Software

With a network of vendors already synced to your point of sale, you have access to over 8 million items from over a thousand vendors.

Retail POS Inventory Management Software

Take the guesswork out of inventory counting. Ensure you always have the right amount of each item in your inventory by setting custom reorder points. Then receive automatic alerts when it is time to reorder.

Retail POS Inventory Management Software

Print labels directly from your point of sale easily with a label order que that automatically updates whenever you add a new inventory item.

POS Inventory Management Features

Create a bundle of products that can be sold as only one new product. For example if you purchase bike parts separately but then sell them as one complete bike, create that item as one SKU for easy inventory tracking and sales.

Retail POS Inventory Management Software Features

Use categories and tags to organize your inventory items for quick searching. Use categories – like “shirts” – and tag items with common traits, such as “long sleeve” or “plaid.”

Retail POS Inventory Management Features

Product matrices allow you to break down a specific product SKU into subcategories for easy inventory building and tracking. Break down a simple shirt by both size and color to easily track which sizes you have in which colors currently in stock.

Retail POS Inventory Management Software

Manage your work orders and service-based products directly through your point of sale system. No separate software or spreadsheets to manage.

Retail POS Inventory Management Software

Why Inventory Management?

Grows with your business – This point of sale system is designed to grow as you do.

Scale from a single location to multiple stores with the same point of sale software. Manage all locations from a single system and dashboard. Your dreams of starting a mobile location, selling at the local farmers market, or having a store in every neighborhood just became possible with Lightspeed inventory management software.

With cloud-based software, you can make sales for anywhere in or out of your store.

Use mobile technology to take a payment right at the store shelf, set up a weekend farmers market, or check your inventory from the comfort of your couch.

Sell in-store and online seamlessly –eCommerce Inventory management software allows you to sync your in-store and online inventories to streamline your business processed.

Inventory and customer data flows seamlessly between in-store and online for one view of your entire business.

Smarter business decisions – Reporting and analytics allow you run reports on every aspect of your business so you can make informed business decisions.

End of day sales, inventory levels, profit margins and employee performance all quickly become key decision indicators.

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