Retail Reporting


Stop guessing and start tracking.

Take the guesswork out of your retail business with customized business reporting tools within your point of sale system.

Point of sale reporting allows you to gain insight into every aspect of your business from sales trends and inventory levels to staff efficiency and growth potential.

Retail Analysis

Make business decisions backed by data. Use business analytics to optimize your business and increase sales. Run reports on average sale, number of sales per day, sales per month or per hour, profits by product category, total profits per day or month and more.

Manage Employee Performance

Manage your workforce directly within your point of sale system. Use employee performance reporting to analyze sales per employee, transaction logs and monitor the success of your employees over time. Review trends to find your top performers and areas of staff improvements.

Multi-store Reporting

Gain visibility into all of your store locations through consolidated reporting. Compare locations on key metrics for sales at a glance with customizable reporting across multiple locations. Manage inventory across your entire organization and know when you need to transfer items from one location to another.

Inventory Reporting

Ensure you are stocking the right products and the right time. Use advanced inventory analytics to discover trends in your stock levels and quickly recognize which items are selling and when. Adjust future inventory levels to reduce stagnant stock and improve your profitability.

Cloud-based data storage

All point of sale data is stored securely in the cloud allowing you to access your information remotely. Stay connected to your store and sales data no matter where you are located. Evaluate real-time performance indicators so you can improve your business, even when you can’t be there.

Accounting Integrations

Accountants like numbers, provide them with all of yours seamlessly. Your sales data flows directly between your point of sale system and your accounting system. With integration options for both QuickBooks and Xero SilverEdge has a solution to fit your needs. If you use a proprietary software or simply use spreadsheets to manage your accounts, you can always download all reports in PDF or CSV.

Retail Reporting Key Features:

See your day’s total sales, tax, refunds, returns, products sold, dollar breakdown by payment type, first and last invoice IDs for the day, and sales breakdown by category.

Lightspeed End of Day reporting

View Sell-Thru, Margin Percent, Month’s Supply, 1 Week Analysis, 4 Week Analysis of a product.

Lightspeed Sales History Report

Understand the quantity sold by product vendor, total product cost, retail sale price, and profit for all sales.

Lightspeed Vendor Sales Reporting

Track employee sales performance for a specific date range. View the number of hours worked, items sold, items sold per hour, sales, sales by hour, profit, and profit by the hour.

Lightspeed Employee Performance Report

Get a glimpse into a specific customer’s purchase history. See a customer’s purchases by product code, class, or family.

Lightspeed Customer History Report

View sales by payment type for each store.

Lightspeed Retail POS Reporting
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