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With a complete family of point of sale and payment processing systems, there is a Clover system that is right for you. From card swipers for your phone to a complete point of sale system, there is a Clover option for every size business and budget.

Why purchase your Clover system through SilverEdge?

It’s simple: we are real people that are always here for you. The last thing you want to do if your payment system is down is to wait on hold while your customers get flustered.

With phone answer times less than 30 seconds ( 7 seconds on average), you will always be able to get help when you need it. Don’t spend 45 minutes waiting on hold for support from a large corporation only to be directed to an online video. We will always answer the call and personally help you through any challenges.

3 Reasons to purchase your Clover system through SilverEdge:

SilverEdge dedicated on-boarding and 24/7 support

Payment options: outright purchase or finance options with monthly payments

The best prices: meet or beat payment processing rates

Clover Retail Key Features:

Training employees is a breeze with Clover’s intuitive, icon-based platform.

Easy to Use Clover Restaurant POS

Each clover device plays nicely with each other, so you can scale to meet your business needs. Start out with a full Clover Station and then add on a Clover Mini for line busting. Take your business on the go to a street fair or event with the Clover Flex.

With all of Clover’s devices, you can accept payment directly – no need for an external credit card terminal. Accept EMV Chip and signature, mag stripe and contactless payments including Apply Pay and Samsung Pay. Add the gift card app to easily create and accept your own gift cards.

Clover Mobile Pay

Let your customer chose to receive a paper receipt, email receipt or both. Receipt printers include an optional customer facing display. The Clover Flex and Clover mini take it one step farther by having paper right in the device, print receipts anywhere!

Clover POS Hand Held Receipt printer

Just like your phone, you can add apps from Clover’s app market to add key features to run your business. Don’t pay for services you don’t need, only select what is right for you. Add on a weight scale or barcode scanner to fit your business.

Clover Retail Point of Sale Apps

Business doesn’t stop just because the internet has. Keep processing with Clover offline mode.  The Clover pos system will store your transaction history and allow you to push payments through when you are back up and running.

Clover Point of Sale Systems

Run key reports to keep an eye on your key business functions.

Clover Retail Point of Sale Terminal

The Clover family of products:

Clover Point of Sale Systems

Clover Station:

Modern, sleek all-in-one pos system with built-in EMV card readers.


Clover Mini:

Customer facing option to enhance your store experience.

CloverFlex POS Hardware

Clover Flex:

A complete point of sale system in the palm of your hand.

CloverGo POS Hardware

Clover Go:

Mobile and iPad card swiper with EMV technology.

See if the Clover system is right for your business.  Sign up for a free demo today.

Use Clover to Manage Your Sales

  • Accept Apple Pay® and EMV™
  • Customize your Clover to fit your business model
  • Easily track your daily, weekly, and monthly sales volume
  • Integrate scanners, printers, and other peripherals with ease
  • Quickly change your prices for store events, discounts, and other special offers
  • Your new Clover POS system automatically updates its software when necessary, and at no charge to you!
  • Bring your POS system to your customer’s table, providing comfort and convenience the entire time they’re with you
  • Access your Clover system from anywhere – at home, on the road, or at the next trade show

Use Clover to Manage Your Business

  • Track your inventory and keep your product numbers in order
  • Receive alerts when the stock of a certain item is running low
  • Market your business with promotional events targeted to both new and returning customers
  • Utilize your Clover POS system as a time clock for employees
  • Cut down on new employee training time with a straightforward and easy to use POS interface
  • Manage your employee payroll and overtime from a single source
  • Wireless and Bluetooth options make it easy to connect to your Clover
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POS Whitepapers: Clover Applications

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