POS for Nail Salons
Kim, Nail Salon Owner
"With so many competitors in our industry, attracting and retaining customers is our number one priority."
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Nail Salons Need a POS Like Clover®

Clover is the latest technology in POS systems. It not only takes all forms of payment, credit cards, debit cards, EMV cards, and Apple Pay®, but it also has hundreds of apps in the Clover App Market available to you. You can easily customize your Clover with apps that uniquely fit your nail salon as intuitively as downloading apps onto you smart phone.

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Track & Monitor Your Cash

Nail Salons love the Cash Track app. The Cash Track app enables you to track and monitor cash out and cash in from employees or registers. You can also record tips and any other adjustments.

  • At the beginning of the shift, record how much cash you assign to each employee and register.
  • During the shift, monitor current cash on hand for each employee and register.
  • At the end of the shift, reconcile the employee’s count and the manager’s count as well as print shift report.
  • Calculate tips due.
  • The Cash Track app is integrated with the rest of your information in Clover.
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Accept the Latest in Payment Technology, Apple Pay

Apple Pay is only getting bigger. Don’t be left behind, start accepting Apple Pay today.

Clover is built to accept Apple Pay so no need for additional upgrades. Apple Pay is simple. Customers with an Apple Pay enabled device can simply move their device near the sensor on you Clover POS and tap their thumb on the Touch ID on their screen and the payment is made. Apple Pay eliminates the need for slow signatures so you can move customers through your doors more efficiently.

Upgrade with no upfront costs

We know when running a small business nail salon, your cash flow can be tight from month-to-month. That’s why when you sign-up with SilverEdge and  you can get a Clover POS for $0 upfront and a low monthly fee.