POS for Spas
Erica, Spa Owner
"With so many competitors in our industry, attracting and retaining customers is our number one priority."

Clover® is Perfect For Your Spa

Clover is perfect for your Spa business. It is modern and intuitive so you can focus on what you love most, your customers. Clover allows you to utilize apps to increase your profits. There are hundreds of apps that were designed with small businesses in mind. Clover also accepts all forms of payment so you will be fully upgraded with Apple Pay® and EMV capabilities. 

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Make Sure Your Week is Booked

With the Appointments Pro app from the Clover App Market you can manage your spa appointments flawlessly.

  • Manage customer appointments.
  • Assign appointments to employees for higher efficiency.
  • Integrated with Google Calendar.
  • Appointment reminders sent through Google Calendar.
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Accept Apple Pay Today

Apple Pay is a payment game changer. It speeds up your transactions by eliminating the need for slow signatures and it enhances security by never storing credit card information on the Clover POS. Apple Pay makes it easier for you to interact with your customers as they pay so they will always leave on a happy note.

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Upgrade With No Upfront Costs

We know when running a small business spa, your cash flow can be tight from month-to-month. That’s why when you sign-up with SilverEdge and  you can get a Clover POS for $0 upfront and a low monthly fee.