Stress Reducing Techniques for Business Owners

Stress Reducing Techniques for Business Owners

Owning a business is a dream many people share. But the stresses of that responsibility are very real. That’s why it’s important to have strategies to manage stress. The negative effects of stress on our health are widely proven and, as a business owner, stress could significantly impact your ability to perform at your best, meaning the difference between success and failure. At SilverEdge, we want to help you and your business thrive so we’ve put together a list of proven stress management techniques that every business owner can use.

The Mozart Effect

According to a study at Oxford University, listening to classical music has many positive benefits including reducing blood pressure. Studies have also shown that listening to classical music while working actual helps your brain to process information faster and increases creative problem solving skills. So if you have a big problem to figure out putting on the Mozart couldn’t hurt. Try listening to classical music for several days and then switch back to your usual music choice and you’ll likely feel a real physical change and reaction to the switch. If you do, then you know the “Mozart Effect” is working on you!


Get Physical

When we are stressed out, our body produces hormones that can make us feel pretty bad. Exercise helps metabolize those hormones and gives you immediate relief. Taking even just 30 minutes a day to sweat, stretch, or get outside will have exponential benefits to your health and ability to manage stress.


Time Management

Effective time management isn’t about how to get the most done, it’s about how to make sure there is time for the things in life that make you feel happy and fulfilled. While you may love your job, overworking is a sure way to end up stressed out.  There are three factors to time management — prioritizing tasks, controlling procrastination and managing commitments. Most of us do one or two of these well and so it’s important to have a plan for the area you aren’t managing so well. Prioritizing tasks by urgency is a simple way to begin. If everything on your plate seems urgent, begin by looking at the consequences of tasks not being done right away. Those with the most impactful consequences should go to the top of the list.  Procrastination is something we all struggle with. This isn’t a matter of self-discipline; it’s a matter of figuring out what is holding you back. For some of us, confronting a large daunting task right away will clear the way for a productive day. For others, getting small tasks out of the way quickly will create momentum for your day. And finally, managing commitments. Always ask yourself if something is going to contribute to your top three most important goals. If not, then just say no.  You’ll be happier and healthier when the way you spend your time is intentional.


Find a Trusted Advisor

Having someone to talk to is vital to emotional well-being. That doesn’t mean you have to seek professional help. Simply having a friend that understands your situation, listens without judgment and offers advice when asked will help you gain perspective. Getting your thoughts off your chest or just venting is necessary and a good friend or even another business owner that you trust can be a great way to do that. This also means you won’t be unloading to employees or your family. Keeping those relationships healthy is vital to managing stress! So plan a weekly coffee date with a friend or make sure you have someone in your life who you know will pick up the phone for a chat when you need it.


Pet time

There’s a reason that so many office environments are now allowing pet owners to bring their dogs to work. Having a cuddle or walk with our furry companions is proven to reduce stress immediately. If possible, bring your pet to work occasionally or make time to play with them when you get home. When we interact with animals, our bodies release oxytocin, a stress reducing hormone and cortisol (a flight or fight hormone) reduces. Our blood pressure lowers and we relax.


Take time to create

You don’t need to be a talented artist to experience the benefits that creating art has on your stress level. When you’re feeling anxious, bust out the coloring books, paint or drawing pad. Creating art for just 45 minutes reduces feelings of stress by letting our mind wander into unexplored territory and working with our hands takes the attention away from the situation that is causing stress. How good or bad what you create actually is, has no bearing on the benefits.


At SilverEdge we also know that having the right tools to run your business will dramatically reduce stressful situations. That’s why we offer a variety of customizable solutions for your point of sale system. Contact your SilverEdge representative today for an appointment and we’ll help you make your business richer.

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