VX520 & VX805 Terminal POS -
VX520 and VX805-01

VX502 & VX805 for your business.

Don’t want to upgrade to a tablet based point of sale but still want the ability to accept all forms of payment securely? This option is perfect for you.


  • VX520 Terminal
  • VX805 PIN Pad

VX520 Features

  • Quick-release, transparent paper door designed to load paper quickly and efficiently
  • Combines a compact, ergonomic design with a small footprint to optimize handover usage
  • A sleek look that has High-contrast, white backlit display and blue backlit keypad for high visibility in dim lighting
  • The VX520 offers a big boost in memory of 160 MB standard to over 500 MB so you can easily support loyalty and gift cards
  • The card insert area at the bottom of the VX520 makes this terminal EMV compliant so you can accept any form of payment securely



VX805 Features

  • The VX805 pin pad enables your business to accept Apple Pay® and other contactless transactions
  • Small portable design takes up very little counter space and can be easily handed to the customer
  • White backlit display provides on-screen prompts that are easily readable under all lighting conditions
  • Intuitive interface reduces training time and minimizes errors
  • Programmable function keys easily accommodate expanded operations and uses