The 6 Quickest Ways to Wreck Employee Morale During the Holidays

The 6 Quickest Ways to Wreck Employee Morale During the Holidays


How to Avoid Wrecking Employee Morale Throughout the Holiday Season

The holiday season provides a wonderful opportunity for employers to grow interdepartmental relationships, incentivize employees, and increase employee morale. However, if employee well-being and morale is ignored, the holiday season can also be the catalyst that drives employees away. Learn the quickest way to wreck employee morale during the holidays and what to do instead by reading the below tips.

1. Being Insensitive to Holiday Hours

The problem: An employee’s personal time is just as valuable as the 40+ hours that they’re providing to you during the workweek. During the holidays (and throughout other high seasons and the remainder of the year), it’s easy to forget that employees have a life outside of work. The fastest way to drive away an employee is to disrespect their personal time, especially during the holidays.

The fix: Acknowledge that employees may require extra flexibility during the holidays and that your first priority may not be theirs. If you’re unable to provide additional flexibility, it is still important to respect shift schedules and time off requests. To create some structure for employees (and avoid overworking) during the holiday season, highlight important tasks that have to be completed each shift, and don’t keep piling on the work once they’re completed. Instead, provide employees with the flexibility theymay require to stay happy throughout the holiday season.

2. Ignoring Religious Diversity

The problem: During the holiday season, it’s easy to forget that not all individuals celebrate the same holidays you do, or even celebrate them the same way. Forcing employees to celebrate beliefs that they don’t share can quickly cause strife in the workplace.

The fix: To avoid alienating employees, consider the following:

  • Include all seasonal holidays in your planning, from all areas of the world, such as Kwanza and Chanukah.
  • When providing paid holidays, consider the vast selection available on the Federal calendar. Select what your employees will appreciate most. If you don’t provide paid-time off for a holiday that an employee recognizes, compromise with them, allowing them to switch out a planned holiday to best suit their needs.
  • Avoid religion-specific holiday decorations. Instead focus on holiday decorations that span many religions and instead reflect the season.

3. Requiring Participation in Holiday Celebrations

The problem: Some employees don’t like celebrating the holidays and some don’t like to attend work-specific events. Forcing employees to attend these events will only make them resent their jobs, and their employer.

The fix: Make sure your holiday celebrations are easy for employees to attend (read, not far away or during odd hours) and include activities that employees want to partake in. If employees still don’t want to attend, be gracious in excusing them and realize that a holiday celebration may simply not be for them.

4. Giving Inappropriate Gifts

The problem: While employee gift giving is very generous, for some employees it can be uncomfortable, especially if the gift provided is something that an employee can’t use, or is inappropriate or offensive to them. Inappropriate gifts include intimate items or items that conflict with employees’ beliefs, extremely expensive items, and more.

The fix: To avoid making your employees uncomfortable, consider providing employee incentives instead, such as an annual bonus. This way employees can rely on some much-needed holiday cash, can feel like they’ve earned their gift and also feel incentivized to work hard all year long.

5. Throwing an Extravagant Holiday Party When Finances are Tight

The problem: Employees can be understanding when company finances are tight, but if it appears that you’re still spending large amounts of money on a party they may start to be less supportive. If finances are tight, and employees know it, don’t make the mistake of trying to improve morale through a big party. This is likely to make morale worse.

The fix: Stay jolly, have a small celebration, and focus on optimism for the coming year. Employees will appreciate the honesty and good money management. When you’re back on good footing you throw a party to show your appreciation of everyone’s hard work.

6. Failing to Provide the Right Tools for Your Employees to Succeed

The problem: While the holidays can be profitable for retail businesses, they’re also a marathon. Employees and employers alike are hustling, but to be truly successful, employees must be provided adequate tools.

The fix: Make certain that your employees can excel within their roles by providing easy-to-use tools, such as a quality Point of Sale (POS) System. By providing them with quality tools, your employees can focus on driving sales, not finding work-arounds for ineffective products.

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