The Omni Channel Customer: What They Want and How to Find Them

The Omni Channel Customer: What They Want and How to Find Them


When it comes to connecting with your customers, there have never been more choices to do so than now. While this creates new opportunities, it also creates the need to be diligent about how you’ll connect on the various platforms and in person.

Let’s start with what’s important to the customer.
Ensuring that product availability and pricing are the same no matter how they interact with you is key. If, for example, a customer logs in with an ordering app and can’t order a favorite dish for pick-up that they enjoy in your restaurant, then they are disappointed from the get-go.

Great service
When customers have questions, they want answers in real time. There is nothing more frustrating than having an online issue and not being able to reach someone to help. If you don’t have the ability to set up live chat operators outside of business hours then make sure you have a well thought out FAQ section and trouble-shooting tips that are common.

Technology that makes the process easy and consistent.
It should go without saying, but your technology should work very similarly on your website, mobile website and custom app. And, it should be intuitive for new customers. Links that connect to broken pages, a clumsy or inefficient search feature, or a cumbersome ordering process will cause customers to leave your page and seek out a competitor in less than a two minute interaction. You want to win their trust the same way you would if they walked in to your place of business. A good point of sale system will help you generate codes for special offers that work across all platforms.

What’s important for the business owner to keep in mind?
Be consistent across all channels. Product promotions, frequency of communication and statement of services and mission should be the same on all social media platforms, even if they are tailored to the audience that tends to frequent that platform.

Informed Employees
Make sure that all employees who interact with customers understand how each of your ordering platforms work and what the customer’s experience there is like. If a customer comes in and has questions about an online order then your employees need to know where to begin to get those questions answered.

How Do You Find Them?
The first rule is that if you don’t have a mobile friendly site, then no one will find YOU since Google doesn’t recognize sites in a search which are not mobile responsive. That doesn’t mean that users aren’t using their desktops to shop, in fact, the conversion rate on a desktop averages 4.4% compared to 1.43% on a Smartphone, but the first interaction a customer has with your site is often by checking out your site on their Smartphone and some reports put Smartphone traffic as high as 56% on average.

When you have a complete profile of your customer it’s easier to find them online by matching location, age group, and spending habits to the various online platforms. If no one is listening to your conversation on Facebook then it could be because your customers are on Instagram. Know your customer.

Cross Promote
Creating cross promotions with businesses that you share customers with is a valuable strategy that should be repeated throughout the year when you find successful partners. There are many factors at play, but with good communication, well-defined goals and creative offerings this can be a gold mine for you business.

The team at SilverEdge can help you set up or replicate processes that work for your expanding business through your point of sale system. We are here to help your business grow richer. Schedule an appointment today or call your current customer service representative to get started.


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