The Top Benefits of Pay-At-The-Table For Your Business

The Top Benefits of Pay-At-The-Table For Your Business

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Is Pay-At-The-Table right for your Restaurant?

With the introduction of EMV in the United States, Pay-At-The-Table has become increasingly common. If you’re unfamiliar, Pay-At-The-Table refers to accepting credit card payments tableside, via a mobile terminal. This practice is common in Europe and Canada, where EMV cards were first implemented.

For EMV cards, it’s particularly important for the cards to stay in the customer’s possession during a transaction. Pay-At-The-Table brings the Point of Sale (POS) system directly to the customer and even gives the customer the option to run the card themselves. This strengthened security is by far the most popular feature of Pay-At-The-Table. But, in addition to allowing the customer to hold onto their card, Pay-At-The-Table also provides a bevy of other benefits to business owners, employees, and customers.

 Increased Table Turns

With Pay-At-The-Table, many restaurants are able to significantly increase their profits. How? Their customers are able to get in, eat, and close their check faster, thus enabling more customers to visit a restaurant in a given day.

In fact, some restaurant owners have stated that each server saves 7 minutes per table. The time is saved by eliminating the steps of the server picking up the check,  dropping off the check, and then picking it up, processing it, and dropping it off again. Instead, the server brings a mobile POS system to the table, where the customer is able to immediately run their card and sign their receipt.  The reduced time per table increases the number of customers in a day, thereby increasing your business’ daily profit.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Customers who visit restaurants experience expedited wait times. When they arrive they wait less time for a table (as their predecessors are closing their check much faster), and, once they order and enjoy their meal, they also wait less time for their own check to be closed out.

Customers also benefit from the automated tip calculations displayed on mobile POS systems such as Clover Mobile. Tip calculations are made by the POS system, and are then included on the screen, allowing the customer to adjust the amounts. In addition, customers are more likely to pay higher tips when the tip is selected in person.

Reduced Charge Backs

Pay-At-The-Table is based around EMV technology, which automatically protects the business from charge backs. According to master card, EMV has decreased counterfeit card use by more than 60% since October 2015. By ensuring that your business uses the EMV chip, any fraudsters that visit your restaurant won’t be able to claim that their card was used without permission at your business, thus reducing your risk of charge backs.

Accepted Pin and Fingerprint Payments

Pay-At-The-Table updates your business’ payment technology to be able to accept Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay, and any other NFC type of payment. These newer types of payment have become more popular in the last few years because they make everyday transactions for customers easier, faster, and more secure.

Are these benefits the right fit for your restaurant? If so, SilverEdge can help. The SilverEdge Clover Mobile POS offers a myriad of services and solutions to provide your restaurant with unmatched flexibility, reliability and speed. If you are ready to talk with a SilverEdge representative about the right choice for your business, contact 970-800-2890 or email today.

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