Tips for Business Owners to Increase Productivity

Tips for Business Owners to Increase Productivity


Running a business often means juggling a variety of tasks and being the point person for many decisions. When you have so much on your plate, being efficient and practicing good time management makes a big difference in your results. Here at SilverEdge we understand that this struggle is real and have put together some tips for increasing your productivity that you can implement right away.

  • Get control of your email. That may sound like impossible task, but there are many ways to reduce the noise and get your inbox to work better for you. You may have a number of promotional emails, industry newsletters and personal subscriptions that are hitting your inbox all day long. A fantastic tool for managing these types of emails is Unroll Me ( this free service scans your inbox and finds all of your subscriptions. You can then choose to unsubscribe or roll the emails up so that they are rolled into one email per day, significantly reducing the number of disturbances you receive from these emails.
    Another effective way to control email is to have incoming mail go directly to separate folders instead of your main inbox based on who they are coming from. For example, separate client emails or specific vendors will be filed automatically. Then you can go to those folders once a day to handle any tasks.
  • Have a plan for the day. Sometimes it’s that simple. Choose a few tasks that are a priority and tackle them first thing, before you get pulled into the activities and demands from others. If you have a big project you are working on, split it into smaller steps that will move you forward. Making progress first thing in the day sets you up for success the rest of the day. Your focus will be improved when the priorities you’ve set are not nagging at you because they are unfinished. And have you ever heard the phrase ‘eat the frog’? This comes from a famous Mark Twain quote in which he said, “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen the rest of the day.” Meaning if you do the thing you’ve been dreading the most, then the rest of your day will go smoothly!
  • Upgrade your point of sale system so that you can use it to automate tasks you’ve been doing manually. There are plenty of apps within your POS that will save you time and make automation simple:
    Inventory management that is constantly up-to-date.
    •  Marketing tools to schedule campaigns and outreach to your customers in advance.
    •  Social media management. Daily insights will help you understand what type of posts create the most engagement and can automate posting times based on performance. You’ll be able to schedule posts ahead of time and set up alerts so that you don’t have to manually monitor your social media constantly.
  • This is often difficult for business owners because it feels like it’s always quicker to do it yourself than to train someone to handle it. But, the time invested will be worth it. One way to begin slowly delegating is to first understand how you are spending your time. Track your tasks for a few days by simply jotting them down as you do them along with how much time they take. Try not to make any judgements or plans, just track it. When you have a good list go back and look at the tasks and choose some to pass on to an employee. Then make a plan to train them and decide how it will be communicated to you that the task is complete. Soon you’ll be feeling confident that the task is being taken care of and you’ll free up time for things that have a long-term impact on building your business.
  • Meeting management. A major time stealer is ineffective meetings. Make sure that every meeting has a clear agenda and outcome. Reduce the number of people to include only the essential players. A team lead, for example, can go back and inform their team in much less time than would be spent with everyone in the room. Consider having meeting free days. It’s a freeing feeling to start the day with an open calendar!

The tools that SilverEdge point of sale systems offer can increase your productivity significantly and we’d love to show you how! Contact your SilverEdge representative today for an appointment and we’ll help you make your business richer.

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