Training Your Staff For Holiday Returns

Training Your Staff For Holiday Returns


No one likes to return money in retail, but how you handle returns can make a big difference to future business. Friends and family don’t always get it right and the inevitable holiday returns will simply be a part of doing business in the month of January. Use the opportunity to make a good impression. Training your employees to be consistent in processing returns and give good customer service is vital to the process.

  • Create and follow a policy that is simple. Your return policy should be clearly posted for customers and should be easy for your employees to execute. Give them a “one, two, three” process that is entered into your point of sale system. One, take the required info from customer. Two, enter that information in your POS. Three, return to the customer with cash or store credit.
  • Have an alternative that puts the power to satisfy a customer’s request in the hands of your employees. If you require a receipt with every return and your customer doesn’t have one then give employees a way to resolve this. For example, allow returns without a receipt up to a certain dollar value or offer store credit instead of cash refund.
  • Ask for a reason for the return. Knowing why customers return items will help you in stocking future merchandise and could even inform your marketing practices.
  • Use the capabilities of your point of sale system to appropriately track a return in your inventory. Train employees on the steps to take in your system so that returned merchandise doesn’t go back into regular inventory, but is tracked separately.
  • Be clear about how to handle a dissatisfied customer. Sometimes every alternative you offer your customer just isn’t what they want. If that’s the case then train employees to pass a customer on to a manager who can go above and beyond for them.

SilverEdge offers integrated products that work with your point of sale system to help you manage inventory and make holiday returns easy to track. Contact us today to learn more about how we are making business richer!

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