Using Google to Secure an Edge over Competitors

Using Google to Secure an Edge over Competitors


Competing online is a mystery to many business owners. The rules seem to change often as algorithms are constantly improved. Hiring an SEO company to help can get expensive and it’s not easy to find a reputable agency. But there are some dos and don’ts that can improve your ranking and help you to rise above your competition. The SilverEdge team has compiled some best practices to help your business grow richer!

• Make content creation a priority: create high quality, original, and intriguing content that will bring people back for more. Using keywords and search terms authentically is important as Google can easily sniff out “keyword stuffing” and your ranking will plummet.
• Focus on the user experience with intuitive navigation and clear messaging. Google cares about this as much as you do.
• Pay attention to SEO: keep track of innovations in the news, your competitors and where you rank among them. When you track competitors and see them make a shift in practices, then you can use that information as a trigger to see if new keywords are improving or diminishing results.

• Overdo the SEO focus: Using excessive keywords on your page, lengthy URLs, and generic page names will compromise your original content and that’s why people are seeking you out in the first place.
• Forget to optimize for mobile, and don’t forget to make sure Google knows that you are mobile-friendly – create a Mobile Sitemap and share w/ Google via Webmasters
• Break Google’s rules on SEO–you will be punished, and it’s not worth it. A question to ask yourself to guide decisions: would you do this if search engines didn’t exist? If you would, then go for it. If you’re just doing something to please the search engine gods, think twice.

The team at SilverEdge is ready to help your business grow richer. We’ll make sure that the point of sale system you are running is the best choice for your business and that you understand the tools that can help grow your business. Schedule an appointment today or call your current customer service representative to get started.

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